Skills shortages are keeping business leaders up at night.

In fact, nearly half of executives say this skills gap is a major concern for the future of their organization — yet only 3% are significantly increasing training budgets.

Why? Workplace learning is a difficult nut to crack. Organizations often struggle to reskill their adult workforces because they’re too focused on hard skills – at the expense of soft skills.

In this white paper, we take a look at why soft skills are not only integral for the future of work, but why they’re actually necessary for developing hard skills too.
You’ll also learn:

● How soft skills can lead to dramatic shifts in how people think
● How soft skills improve our ability to learn
● The most critical skill for the 21st century — and how it can boost learning by 30%

Discover why empowering your people with soft skills is critical to unlocking the future success of your business.