Webinar length: 30 minutes

Making the Case for Organizational Resilience

Jan Bruce
CEO and Co-founder of meQuilibrium



Responding to evolving market demands successfully doesn’t happen without a workforce of resilient people. It's no longer simply how well a person can perform in a structured, familiar situation, but how people react and adapt to new challenges and circumstances. Rare is the organization that operates the way it did prior to the pandemic—and disruption is considered the new normal.

As a result, employee resilience and organizational agility have replaced efficiency as the best predictors of business success over time. Building organizational resilience is the critical priority now. In this keynote, hear about the four pillars of organizational resilience—Risk Prevention, Workforce Agility, Cultural Commitment, and Analytics & Insights—and why data-driven primary prevention is the first priority to prepare the workforce for threats and adaptation as a foundation to workforce organizational resilience.