Webinar length: 30 minutes

Leadership at the Intersection of
Wellbeing and Performance

Christine Fossaceca
Global Work-Life Solutions Director
JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Emily Poag
Instructional Designer, Leadership Edge
JPMorgan Chase & Co.



JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPMC) has woven resilience as a thread across its wellbeing and leadership development strategies through firmwide partnerships. A core tenet of its strategy is that building a resilient organization requires that managers understand what resilience is, and how to develop it in themselves and their teams. Leadership Edge is JPMC’s Center of Excellence for Management and Leadership Development and Global Wellness sets wellness strategy and executes wellbeing initiatives globally for the firm.

With a collaboration spanning five years, they have amplified the focus on resilience in support of the even greater challenges faced by managers and teams in the last year. Learn about the alignment of resilience and leadership development, and how Leadership Edge integrated meQuilibrium into their suite of programs.