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Pam Boiros
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Chief Marketing Officer

Neal Bruce
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SVP of Product Strategy

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Pam Boiros is CMO of meQuilibrium, the engagement, performance, and wellbeing solution which helps enterprises build workforce potential based on the science of resilience. During her two decades-long career in HR Tech, Pam has brought transformative tech to the market and changed the way the category is perceived. Pam’s work has been featured in Harvard Business Review, the Association for Talent Development, and Bloomberg Law. She was also a part of a global panel of learning experts in People Matters’ Talent Tech Evolve conference and has been a keynote speaker at many national events, including CLO Symposium, HR Sales and Marketing Institute Summit, and LearnTrends.

Neal Bruce is SVP of Product Strategy at meQuilibrium. With over 27 years in the Human Capital Management industry, Neal has spent 11 years as an HR practitioner and the last 16+ years in Product Management, Design, and Marketing roles at software companies. His passion and career-long vocation is creating and delivering products that help people achieve more meaningful lives. Neal has been featured in articles with Human Resource Executive and Employee Benefits News. 

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