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Insight about how HR can help managers strengthen the resilience of their teams

An understanding of what types of data can help risk detection

Overview of what types of tools HR teams should consider

How to elevate wellbeing programs into a business strategy for resilience

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Josh Bersin

Global research analyst, public speaker, and advisor

Jan Bruce
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CEO and Co-founder, meQuilibrium



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Josh is an expert on the topics of corporate human resources, talent management, recruiting, leadership, technology, and the intersection between work and life. In 2001 Josh founded Bersin & Associates, known as the leading research and advisory company in corporate HR. In 2012 Bersin was acquired by Deloitte, and became Bersin by Deloitte. In mid-2018 Josh retired from Deloitte and started the Josh Bersin Academy, the world’s home for HR. Josh and his team of experts offer offer research, advisory services, the Global HR Capability Project, and the Josh Bersin Academy, the only end-to-end professional development platform dedicated to HR leaders and their teams.

At the height of her career, Jan Bruce realized that she was being pulled in so many directions – trying hard to balance being an executive, wife, and mother – and not feeling like she was performing optimally in any role. Instead of being excited and motivated, she was stressed out and approaching burnout. Jan knew she was not alone in feeling this way and recognized that stress was a big risk to both health and performance for much of the workforce. She had an epiphany: successful performance and behavior are influenced by the way we think, and lasting balance is only possible through self-awareness, self-management, critical thinking, and an overall commitment to our wellbeing. This is what led to meQuilibrium's inception in 2011. Built upon proprietary, clinically validated science in the field of resilience, meQuilibrium is the first holistic SaaS-based cognitive performance platform built for organizations as they navigate the need for more innovative, agile workforces and integrated HR strategies that support the overall experience and wellbeing of their employees. The company's digital, interactive programs help employees and companies achieve measurable, deep-rooted results in wellbeing and performance by giving organizations the ability to predict problems and prescribe personalized solutions at global scale.

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